My Barbie & Me
By Bolo (The Talking Pekingese)

My name is Bolo, and I’m a Pekingese. (I’m not sure what that is, except I think it is another name for “dog”.) One day a lady named Barbie came to Colorado Peke and Pom Rescue to visit me and all my friends.  She was really nice and a lot of fun.  Barbie and me decided we needed each other, so I left with her that day and we moved into Golden West Towers in Boulder, Colorado.

When we got home, Barbie showed me my new bed, my food and water bowls, and lots of toys that were all my own!  She talked about that pad in the bathroom and said I was supposed to tinkle and poo on it.  Well, I’d never seen one before, so that’s what I always did since she told me to.

We had so many caregiver friends that were always playing with me and taking me on walks with them.  They went on very long walks to do their work, so sometimes they had to carry me home because I got so tired.  Barbie gave me a lot of treats – I weighed 23 pounds, which made it hard for my friends to carry me.
I wasn’t supposed to bark in our new home, so I just learned how to talk – I could say, “I love you!”  Our friend, Chris, built me a carpeted ramp and table to sit on underneath the big windows in our room.  We lived on the 4th floor, so I could lie in the sun and watch all the dogs and people walking around.  I loved the sun!

Barbie and I had a walker that I rode on whenever we went to the garden for a picnic.  We put my beach towel, toys and treats in my blue Golden West tote bag and off we went!  I even had a water bottle that hung on the side of our walker.  I ran and played in the grass and protected my toys from another little dog who didn’t know how to be polite.  He was a mess!  His human took him to classes so he could learn how to behave, but it didn’t do any good!  All of my human friends would pet me and tell me how beautiful I was.  I loved all the attention, and I was always very nice to everyone!

We got a call one day asking if I would enter the big talent contest they have at Golden West every year.  Barbie told them I would, and we worked on my tricks to get ready.  We belonged to the Red Hat Society at the time, so I wore my Red Hat neck scarf and looked so sharp!!!  Can you believe I was the only dog to enter with all those humans?  I did a few of my tricks and smiled a lot and said, “I love you.”  I got a standing ovation, so I guess they liked me!!!  I sat on our walker for almost 3½ hours watching all the other talented humans.  We all got wonderful trophies, too!

I had lots of clothes that I really liked … a red parka, polka dot hoodie, sweater vest, a pumpkin costume and hat, a Santa coat, and lot of scarves!  Each day I showed Barbie what I wanted to wear.
The Clip N’ Cruise Salon bus came to Golden West to give me baths and new hairdos.  I liked to get on her bus so I could play with her big dog.  He would even let me get in his passenger seat.  What fun we had!  Sometimes my groomer would drive around the block just so I could ride in the passenger seat.  My vet also came to Golden West to check my heart and give me my booster shots.  She liked to put me in her lap against her body and rub my tummy!

One summer day, Miss Jill had a dog show in the south garden at Golden West.  We had water buckets all around and a doggie pool in case we got too hot – Miss Jill thought of everything!  Me and all the other Golden West dogs who entered really strutted our stuff … it was fun watching all of them!  Of course, my Barbie thought I was the most handsome, and Miss Jill gave us each a tennis ball on a chew rope. 

I also went to our Red Hat meetings in the Penthouse.  They liked for me to come ‘cause I just sat on our walker and watched everyone!

I was the luckiest dog in the world … my Barbie loved me very much!  What a great life we had together … all thanks to you, Peke and Pom Rescue!
A people lover,

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