Beautiful Bebé finds her Field of Sweet Dreams
By Connie Riddell

Once Upon A Time there was a little 5-year-old female Pekingese named Bebé. Bebé found her way into Colorado Peke and Pom Rescue after her owner lost her home and had to relinquish six of her Pekingese. To her credit, she did seek out our rescue instead of taking them to a shelter. However, because of her remote location on the western slope, transport was an issue. The Mesa County Shelter, responding to our request for help, jumped in and helped transport the entire Pekingese family to us in Littleton.

These Pekes had not had shots or microchips and the male dogs had not been neutered. All of the Pekes had their canine teeth broken or cut off, and three of them were missing an eye. Three of the family were brown and white, and two of them black and white. Bebé was the only brown and white female … and she was missing an eye.

Bebé was in foster care for almost a year. While still in her first foster home she showed her personality to be sweet, laid back and trusting. It was these very traits – her endearing inner spirit – that caused Mary Erickson to become instantly smitten with her one beautiful September day during the Rescue’s annual garage sale.  It was there, during an impromptu photo session with Mary in a field of purple wildflowers, that Bebé wandered permanently into her heart.

No, Bebé didn’t go home with Mary that day, but returned to her first foster home. However, Mary couldn’t get Bebé out of her mind; she knew she had to help her find her very own forever home. When the opportunity arose a month later to showcase Bebé at a couple of adoption events on the other side of town, Bebé came to stay with Mary for a few days. Surely, if Mary paraded Bebé around the adoption events – and around town – the perfect forever home would be found. 

While many were equally as smitten with Bebé’s gentle, sweet spirit, the comments were always the same:  “I would take her in a heartbeat if only I could have another dog” or “… if only my dog didn’t need to be an only dog” or many other “if onlys”.

Mary decided to continue to foster Bebé until her forever home could be found. As the days and weeks passed, the two grew more and more bonded to one another. Mellow and laid-back, Bebé got along well with her new canine friends at Mary’s and was never far from her side … always squealing with delight when Mary returned home after being out. 

And so it was, finally, that Mary realized (long after Bebé had already done so) that this sweet little one-eyed girl had found her forever home the day they met, and she couldn’t imagine ever letting her go. And Bebé? She’s living her very own Happily Ever After.


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