Created by the Rescue to help provide necessary—but often costly—medical care for our Special Need dogs, The Machika Fund aids injured animals needing immediate surgery as well as those requiring ongoing treatments which will allow them to live normal and fulfilled lives. The name of the Fund was inspired by a very special precious personality who has touched—and continues to touch—so many hearts and lives. A female Pekingese, Machika came to us when her owner died; she was still wearing a special tag that said "Therapy Dog."

Unfortunately, Machika suffers from chronic spinal and neurological issues which left her, for a time, almost completely unable to walk. This may have been the result of too much of the wrong type of activity, or a chronic condition that had gone untreated … or perhaps she was having too much fun running and jumping, and simply landed wrong. Regardless, she was left with injuries which have required daily medications and ongoing veterinary visits. In Machika's particular case, alternative therapies such as chiropractic adjustments and infrared laser therapy have worked well for her. She is now mostly pain-free and able to walk again. Although she still suffers from some neuropathy (which results in a somewhat unsteady gait on occasion), that doesn't deter her from enjoying life.

Our experience with her seems to confirm that she spent countless hours at her owner's side, visiting those who were ill, elderly, or home-bound. She elicits "ooohs" and "awwwws" from everyone who meets her, as she is a gentle and beautiful soul who loves people. She finds great joy in exploring the yard, playing with her ball, riding in the car, visiting the elderly … or just being with her special human. She will, however, require ongoing medical care—daily medication and, as needed, periodic adjustments and laser therapy—to help her maintain the level of mobility she has regained. Machika is available for adoption and would make a wonderful companion to a less active family or owner.


Over the years, CPPR has taken in a number of Precious Personalities (Pekes, Poms, Papillons, and other small ones) who required emergency care when we received them. They generally fall into two categories. The first includes such issues as broken bones, tumor removal, hernia repair, grade 4 luxating patellas, broken jaws, injured eyes, etc. These are issues that had gone untreated until the dogs were taken in by CPPR … and the urgent nature of the medical expenses required that they be covered by the Rescue's operating funds.

Dogs that fall into the first category are usually adopted, but the donation requests don't begin to cover the medical expenses incurred by the Rescue. For example, broken bones cost upwards of $2,000; donations are around $175 to $225 per dog—but we are delighted and take comfort in knowing that they are adopted and out of the situation which may have caused their injuries.

Angel wears a cast to correct her second grade 4 luxating patella

CPPR also takes in dogs with ongoing medical issues. These are Special Need dogs and fall into the second category similar to Machika. These sweet furry creatures have a will to live, much love to give … and truly show an appreciation for what we have to offer them. Many times our Special Need dogs are adopted into forever homes—a dream come true for them … and us. Other times, however, the Rescue becomes their forever home and funds their ongoing needs as necessary. This includes managing dogs with diabetes, seizures, permanent lameness, deafness, blindness, and dogs with chronic trachea and heart conditions. These dogs are enjoying a life free of pain and discomfort—often for the first time in years— compliments of the Rescue.

Many times, third-party donors help provide us with needed medical procedures or equipment. Timmy, the little Pekingese on wheels in the banner photo above, had his wheels donated by a third party at no cost to the Rescue. When CPPR found Timmy, he was languishing in a shelter without the use of his back legs. He sat behind his kennel bars with a big grin on his happy Pekingese face ... as if to say, “I know I am going to be all right!”

Thanks to one very special contribution on his behalf, Timmy can roam around the house and yard as if he had legs. His personality has blossomed even more since he’s been able to motor around with his wheels. He plays, acts silly, and is generally happy wheeling around as if he’s any other “normal” little dog.

Thank you for donating to The Machika Fund. Every dollar donated is tax-deductible and so very much appreciated by the dogs needing that extra help. Many of our adopters and supporters have set up ongoing monthly donations to CPPR. These are CPPR’s angels!


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