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 Meet Charlie Chan. He is a beautiful 7 year old Pekingese. He weighs about 14 pounds. He is very adventurous.  He Loves to be outside. He gets along with everyone. He was obviously loved well in his shows. He is looking for a foster home or a permanant home. More

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Look at this adorable boy..This is Tucker. He is such a noce boy. He loves his toys and is just a great little companion. He loves walks/hikes and is quite agile. He loves to snuggle. He is very sweet natured...  
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Sunday October 23rd, Stori H Photography charity - Photography  mini-session event. Please bring yourself, your family, dogs, loved one, friends, whomever 

to the Lakewood Cultural Center 470 S Allison Parkway, Lakewood, CO 80226


The Joys of Fostering

by Myra Hill 

Is gratitude a doggy trait? No one can ever convince me that it isn't ... I swear that I have seen it and felt it. There's no feeling in the world quite like the joy you feel in witnessing the transformation of a rescued dog under your care. It is truly miraculous. Granted, taking home a dog with little or no history takes a certain amount of courage, along with an open heart. But I've found great joy in watching lost, unwanted, sick, and/or aging dogs grow more and more comfortable, confident and affectionate ... often learning for the first time what being a dog is all about. More » 


Are Rescue Dogs Reject Dogs?


Many people have the mistaken belief that "pound" dogs and rescue dogs are in that situation for a reason;  they're misbehaved, dangerous or otherwise unadoptable.  This couldn't be further from the truth. 


Dogs end up in shelters for a wide variety of reasons, the least of which are behavioral issues.  All too often a family fantasizes about buying a puppy for their young children only to realize months or years later that their fantasy was just that - a fantasy not grounded in the reality that puppies  grow up and become dogs.  Dogs that want and need love, attention, exercise, food, water and a loving caregiver, which for whatever reason that family doesn't want to bother with.


Tragically, many dogs are left orphaned when their caregivers pass away, whether from an accident, illness or age.  Sadly, the heirs to the estate don't have room for a new pet in their lives, and these newly homeless animals frequently end up in shelters or rescues. 


Many dogs get lost and are never found by their owners, and others may even be abandoned by people who can no longer properly care for them.  Others are surrendered in vast numbers due to the prevalence of home foreclosures and the resultant forced moves into rental properties that don't welcome pets.  And some dogs are removed from situations hazardous to their health and welfare, such as hording cases, abuse and neglect circumstances or pets whose owners can no longer afford to care for them.  Fortunately for those dogs they have a second chance at life, and even more fortunate is that these wonderful little souls are now available for us to adopt!  Most of these dogs want nothing more than to find a loving, caring forever home where they can become part of the family and provide years of unconditional love, endless joy and total devotion. 


I know this firsthand as we've rescued six dogs and at least as many cats in our lives, and I'm confident there'll be many more in the years ahead.  Each dog has blessed us in ways too numerous to count, and each in a unique way with their precious personalities.  Our dogs have filled our homes and our lives with boundless love and joy.  They provide enduring companionship, and they're always elated when we come home, even if we've only been gone for 15 minutes!


I know my life will always have a rescue dog in it, and my evenings will continue to be filled with their presence at my feet, in my lap or in my bed!  My hope is that you too will give a rescue a second chance at life, and discover the joy and happiness that can only come from animal companionship.


Written by Ian Thomsen and Teddy




The Machika Fund

Created by the Rescue to help provide necessary—but often costly—medical care for our Special Need dogs, The Machika Fund aids injured animals needing immediate surgery as well as those requiring ongoing treatments which will allow them to live normal and fulfilled lives. The name of the Fund was inspired by a very special precious personality who has touched—and continues to touch—so many hearts and lives. A female Pekingese, Machika came to us when her owner died; she was still wearing a special tag that said "Therapy Dog."  More »

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Colorado Peke and Pom Rescue, Inc. has created a network of volunteers in all regions of Colorado to help transport and foster its Precious Personalities (adoptable dogs) until they are placed into forever homes. Our Precious Personalities come from local shelters, private homes, vet offices and as strays. Our goal is to be able to take in all of these precious dogs and find them the homes they deserve. Without volunteers, we will not be able to achieve that goal.  More »


Foster Me

Friends & Volunteers!

WOW... Hard to believe, we are almost to the end of 2015. So many great dogs have passed through our doors. We love them all. There is something so gratifying about seeing the smile on someones face when you have found them a best friend to love forever. This year we helped a puppy with Parvo, he made it through and is living the good life with his new family. We also helped a little yorkie named "Jazzy". She came to CPPR from a shelter. She had a one pound tumor on her liver. She recieved the needed surgery and now she is lighter and very happy with her forever family. We also were able to help several seniors along the way, who were left behind at shelters. They too found forever homes. Since our inception in 2007, we have rescued more than 1600 little dogs.- a number that truly amazes us! 

     We have endured much change since the passing of our founder Connie Riddell. We have an amazing group of volunteers and a number of new friends and volunteers who became a part of the CPPR family. To them we say "thank you!" and "welcome"! Volunteers really DO make a difference! More lives can be saved ... more little Precious Personalities get a second chance to live out their lives surrounded by love.  Read more »

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2017 CPPR Calendars:
Get Yours Before They're Gone!

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